Carnival Layout

Zion is made up of four main sections, From the lighted entrance gate one is hit with the smell of popcorn and cotton candy. New shows that are less established and not well established are at the front, including the small animal show. This is designed to encourage customers into the carnival. There is a ticket man at the front, $.05 to enter. Rides and shows all have their own price for entry and some of those who perform in the open work on tips.The Helter Skleter ride can also be found at the front end.

The next area is the midway, it’s made up of the left and right. Centered is the Ferris Wheel. Down the left side midway are games where people can play prizes to win, with various food joints. To the right of the Wheel, one will find a number of shows as well as food joints. Typically those that are walk-throughs and quick shows. Many will also encourage or remind customers of the scheduled shows at the back end of the park- those that are advertised at the front and bigger draws.

The back end holds the rest of the rides and the bigger shows. It’s designed to pull people farther into the carnival to get to the big stuff, taking advantage of the other attractions along the way. The large animal show is held in the back end, near the pens.

Lastly, there’s the back-lot. This spans behind the right midway tents and the back end, along the right one would find multiple wagons where performers stay. Those who have their own show tend to have their own wagon while those who run the games, food and work the rides tend to share. Those who do have their own paid for them- or earned them. Those that shared don’t pay for their lodging (and are typically assigned as well). Animal pens are held behind the back end. There is also a cookhouse where employees can partake of communal meals. Behind the back end there is also a small shed for maintenance tools and another for supplies. These are near the owners wagon which operates as his home and office.

There are electric lights lighting every aspect of the carnival. When not open, lights in the carnival proper will not work. There are no switches for the lights and they never seem to have power issues.


The Ferris Wheel is a staple of American Carnivals.
Price: $.10
Operators: Kieran MacDonald

The Whip is a ride where cars are pulled around a  track and ‘whipped’ around the edges.
Price: $.05
Operators: Isabella Burns

The Tunnel of Love is a water dark ride that takes passengers through a path of roses and romantic music as lights glisten around like fireflies.
Price: $.10
Operators: Riley Kip

The Flyer is a chair aerial ride where riders sit in swings around a tower that turns and they fly out propelled by centrifugal force.
Price: $.05

Bumper Cars is a ride where people ride in little cars propelled on wheels and bump into others.
Price: $.10

Helter Skelter is a slide ride. Patrons carry a burlap sack up stairs in the inside of the tower and slide to the bottom.
Price: $.05

Food Joints

There are a number of food joints at Zion that operate when opened. Each joint also serves bottle soda’s.

  • Candy Floss – Fitz Du Terte, Benita Vista
  • Funnel Cake – Benita Vista
  • Popcorn
  • Hot Dogs
  • Shaved Ice (New!)
  • Churros – Fitz Du Terte, OPEN

Blackstone’s tent is one filled with strangeness and the unexplained. For a nickel all are welcome (though children under the age of 12 need an adult with them) to witness all manner of unbelievable things. Such as; collections of jars containing creatures found only in dreams/nightmares, trinkets from the four corners of the globe and beyond, and other unexplainable wonders await those brave enough to take a look. For bravery and a stout heart are needed to step into the Professor’s mythically mystical world. A world where the stars swirl above the guests heads, despite them being inside a tent. Where smoke crawls from his pipe and takes on the shape of all manner of tiny smoke formed creatures while the Professor offers a tour of the untold treasures and trinkets too. Even the objects seem to move on their own from time to time, while hanging mirrors reflect the unexpected. Potions, charms, and other deliciously magical things can be purchased for a song…and a few coins. So step right in to gawk and gander at all that the Professor has in store!

Price: $.10 (Blow off sales of potions for extra coin)
Star: Professor James Henry Blackstone (Professor Blackstone)

Stall on the left midway among the food joints and games where an artist will paint your portrait for a fair price. Portraits seem to appear on the canvas as if by magic to those watching.

Price: $.10 for a pencil drawing, $.25 for charcoal, $.50 for oil
Artist: Winston Jackson Kincad (Jack)

Men only. No Sunday School Shows, evenings only.
Come in and see the pretty girls, they love to dance for you.
A show where one or two girls dance (sometimes three) in revealing outfits. Many performances involve tops being removed. For a special few who pay a bit more a nice blow off can find a guy seeing a bit more.
Some of the girls are even available for tricks (for a hefty price).

Price: Main show $.10, Blow Off $.50, Tricks $2
Talker: Edward Byron
Bally Performer: Dominic Maddox
Dancers: Eva Valdez (Angel), (OPEN)

Coming soon

Talker: (Open)
Bally Performer: James Lancaster
Star: Jean Ramsey
Support: Kerr Hawkins

Coming soon

Star: Charles Renmont


Small dark violet circular tent there is a small table on top of a circular rug in the center with two chairs placed across from each other. On this small table is a dark blue table cloth, drinking glass, a book of matches, and a candlestick with tall candle atop of it. There are candles on small tables around the parameter of the tent. Only those willing to pay are allowed inside the tent. A session is no more than thirty minutes.

Price: $.25
Star: Sean Mayfair

The Ten-in-One is a tent that holds ten different ‘shows’, ‘freaks’, etc. Carnival goers get to pay one fee to see ten different shows. Typically these are just people to look at, who may have one or two things they actually perform. Most acts have a ‘pitch card’ they sell for a nickel. There rarely is a blow off, but occasionally some of the acts may offer a bonus show for a fee. Acts will take turns on the stage, performing or showing their special ‘freakness’ while a talker hypes them up. After, all performers will come out and observers can approach the stage to ask questions/touch props (in some cases) and buy pitch cards.

Strong Man – Iron Wells. He shows his prowess by lifting weights no man could lift and can bend steel bars before your eyes. For a dime, you can challenge him in arm wrestling.
Contortionist – Henry Yun. Defying the limits of flesh and bone, he twists his body into unthinkable shapes and performs impossible acrobatic feats both graceful and grotesque. This performance is not for the faint of heart.
Wind Dancer – Kong Liu. See the man who can control the very air. Watch as the Wind of the East brings a sorrowful tale of a young boy put through trials to prove his worth to the wind through dance and music.
Firebreather – Ben Du Terte. See the man who is untouched by flames. Watch as he breathes fire like a dragon, as he juggles actual fire.

Price: $.10, Pitch cards $.05
Stars: Jericho Wells (Strong man), Henry Yun (Contortionist) , Kong Liu (Wind Dancer), Ben Du Terte (Firebreather)

Coming soon

Star: Ophelia Keene


A series of bottles in a square, all placed close together. Challengers attempt to toss a ring to land around the neck of the bottle. Each ring wins a prize. Prizes vary based on inventory. Ranging from tickets for rides, wooden toys, hats, dolls, toy pop guns, glass figures, stuffed animals.

Price: 3 tries for $.01, 5 tries for $.05, 11 tries for $.10
Operators: Fitz Du Terte, (OPEN)

Three stacks of bottled three bottles tall sit in the booth allowing three people to play at once. To win, all bottles must be knocked down, challengers have three attempts. Prizes vary based on inventory. Ranging from tickets for rides, wooden toys, hats, dolls, toy pop guns, glass figures, stuffed animals.

Price: 3 tries for $.05
Operators: Fitz Du Terte, OPEN

Coming soon


The back-lot has many different positions and jobs. Most people perform double duty, working the carnival when open and another role when closed.

  • Owner – Kristoph Verner (NPC)
  • Electrician – Edi (NPC)
  • ‘Promoter’ – Abigail Linette (NPC)
  • Cookhouse – Delia Bryant (NPC), Cole, Annie
  • Animal Pens – Kerr Hawkins, Nicolas St. James
  • Maintenance – Lily Fabron (Mechanic)
  • Security – Apollo Scott
  • Supplies –
  • Costumes – Beth Barnes, Fitz Du Terte
  • Medical – Kieran MacDonald, Beth Barnes
  • Roustabouts – Louis Clinton (NPC, Head Roustabout), Kerr Hawkins, Kieran MacDonald, Lucas Maddox
  • Reverend – Willis Conrad, Isabella Burns (assistant)