Rule One: The most important rule. Don’t be a jerk. It’s okay for your characters to be jerks, but don’t be one in real life.

Communication: Be open to talking, we will have a discord server to use, but if you don’t want to that’s fine. Just make sure you’re using the OOC com, or DMs or something. If you want to plot, don’t wait for others to seek you out. Take the first step, otherwise you probably won’t have much time luck getting plots.

Dramarama: Please no OOC drama IC. Or no OOC drama at all. IC drama can be good. But torture your characters, not yourselves or each other.

Activity: This will be a no activity check game, but that doesn’t mean we don’t want you active. If we’ve noticed you not playing a character in a while or not playing at all in a while we will reach out and no reply can get you removed. If IRL stuff is going on we know that’s priority, just try to shoot us a DM, IM or drop something in the drop box to let us know stuff’s gotten busy.

Timey-Wimey: The game will be run in real time. The game starts in the year 1919 (which doesn’t quite match up day/date with 2019, but it’s close enough). Keep in mind anachronisms, and avoid them when possible. We’re not too concerned about language (though feel free to use 1910s slang), more so when relating to media, technology, etc.

It’s another time: Yes, I know we’re playing in the 1910s. And yes, I know that society was a bit different then and as role players many of us do try to at least try to be realistic with our characters (to an extent playing something like a werewolf can be accurate). However, please keep in mind that we are an open an accepting community and the carnival is as well. Not every character will agree with every other character’s life choices. But they will be expected to respect their fellow carny’s (unless that carny’s just a jerk. Then they brought it on themselves).

Location, Location, Location: Each month the carnival will move to a new city. We’ll make sure to give you a heads up plenty of time in advance when and where the carnival will be moving.

The Supernatural: In this game there are supernatural creatures (see:Species). The world does not have knowledge that they are real, however myths exist and some people may believe them. ie. Vampires don’t really exist in this world (or so the world at large agrees), but there are those out there who believe in vampires, and even some people who believe they are vampires. These types of people do exist. They just might not know the details of a Species or race.

Humans?: Yes, you can play a human. Yes, if your human is working at the carnival they can know about supernaturals (most would).

Roles: Check the Attractions/Shows pages to see what roles at the carnival are already taken (or wanted). Have fun with coming up with what your character does. You want them to do something simple like run a ride or sell food? Fantastic. Want them to work more behind the scenes as a roustabout? That’s great. Want to star in a show? Have at it. Want to own the carnival? Okay, that’s the one thing you can’t do :).

Original Ideas: The game is an OC character game. Recycled characters from other games are okay. But please don’t rip off a work of fiction. There’s a difference in taking inspiration and plagiarism.

I, You, He, She: All writing should be in third person, unless you’re writing sometimes like a journal entry for your character that no one is intended to comment on.

The magic of Zion: The carnival is magic. It’s run by Kristoph Verner. The entire carnival (and about a mile around it) has a protection spell on it. What the spell does: It stops people from killing each other. What the spell doesn’t do: It doesn’t stop accidental deaths (such as falling off the Ferris wheel), suicides (hopefully we don’t have any of that), injuries (careful when operating heavy machinery or people from hurting one another (you can get beaten up). When one person actively attempts to kill someone (purposefully or at the point when a fight goes too far), they will find themselves unable to move until Kristoph or one of the approved enforcers releases them (and typically removes them from the carnival).